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Title: 2008-09-02T08:04:00
I am a big BIG chinese food fan. I have been to Chinese restaraunts all over the US and Canada to find Chinese food that tastes better than New China Town. Nothing has come close. Not only does their food taste excellent, the men that work there are incredible!! They are the same guys there all day everyday working their butts off to serve us the best Chinese possible. I'm assuming Justin is the guy in the red hat that is a totally incredible worker that cooks and takes orders. NEW CHINA TOWN IS OUTSTANDING!!!
Title: 2008-07-31T03:44:00
Justin is the greatest cook! I've eaten Chinese food all over Kansas City, and this is far and away THE ONLY PLACE for Chinese food. Having tried most items on his menu over the last 4 years and there isn't one thing I did not like. I eat there about once or twice a week and get something different every time. Justin Rules!
Title: 2008-07-31T03:04:00
My chinese daughter LOVES the egg drop soup! My asian son can't get enough of the lomein and the chicken with snow peas is just yummy and so reasonably priced. It was a nice surprise to find this place.
Title: 2008-07-17T02:10:00
justin isn't rude!!! he's busy and intense...couldn't be a nicer guy if you talk about his kids and wife!!! the sauces are the best i've ever tasted, and they are the same EVERY time i try them...the brown sauce and the garlic sauces are both creamy-good...for the price, there isn't a better deal on ANY food in town...i use a gauge for how together a chinese restaurant is: first, the egg-drop soup has to be just right, and theirs is top-notch...i've eaten their soup hundreds of times over the years, and only twice did i think the egg-drop was not just perfect, and those two times i thought the soup needed a little salt - i'm not a big salt fiend! - second, the brown sauce...if any restaurant can get their sauces to taste as good as NewChinaTown's, they will be a hit...guaranteed...i'd love to be able to reproduce the brown sauce at home, because my daughter thinks it's the best food in the world, and she is a PICKY eater...lastly, quantity...for $9.00 you can get a HEAPING serving of shrimp w/ 'whatever' and you'll get ten to fifteen BIG shrimp with the meal...not the little guys that curl up into a disc...shrimp that are big enough to stay true to their shape...say, close to two inches in diameter cooked!!! i'll stand by this statement: you walk in and think, 'hmmmm, this place is a strip-mall hole in the wall.' when you try their food you will be blown away... dB
Title: 2008-07-03T04:15:00
I come here at least one a week for lunch. For $4.73 you can have a multitude of lunch sized dishes (I usually get Curry Chicken) and water for a beverage. It's always ready in under 5 minutes. They also have a very extensive health-wise menu. Great restaurant - and great value!
Title: 2008-07-01T02:36:00
The food is excellent! The guy at the counter could be nicer, he is very rude - but I will go back for the food over and over again regardless!
Title: 2008-06-04T08:50:00
My brother Jed introduced to this restaurant and I can't eat at any other Chinese restaurant any more. I live 20 miles away and drive to this one only! Every dish is fantastic and Justin's customer service is above the call of duty! He will modify any dish to your tastes. I asked him to open a new one near me! This place knocks the big boy (Bo Lings) in town down a several notches. Everything I try on the menu is better than you think it can ever be! I suggest everyone in KC go here!
Title: 2008-05-25T23:49:00
We love New China Town! It is the only place we get Chinese food from. They always know what we want before we place our order and have it ready for us. Thanks Justin!
Title: 2008-05-14T05:59:00
This is the best take out chinese food in town! Great portion sizes, nicely seasoned. Our whole family loves it!
Title: 2/22/2011 7:47:28 PM
Love the thai addtions. Thanks for keeping brown rice
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